This video is a testament to what dedicated pet owners and pet sitters can accomplish.

Cody is a smart, play-driven border collie. At the meet-and-greet she was sweet and stuck herself to my leg, however when I arrived at the house for the first visit, she was very afraid, barked, and would not go outside. The next two visits did not go any better—Cody was still cowering in her safe place while her brother Keeper got lots of cuddles. The owners had a very good idea of what was going on in her head: I had only be “approved” by mom and not dad, so we scheduled a consult as soon as possible. With a few test runs of the owners leaving the house and me walking in with Cody’s ball, she overcame her fear and I learned how to communicate with her. At each new visit we build on the trust established during that consult. 

Now Cody and Keeper both have some midday fun while mom and dad are at work!