1. Services: Sarah the Pet Sitter LLC dba Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution (SPCR) agrees to provide pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, and/or socialization services in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the Client waives and relinquishes any and all claims against SPCR, except those arising from proven negligence.

2. Employees/Independent Contractors: SPCR is solely owned by Sarah Covert.  Sarah Covert hires qualified employees for the company and designates a management team. Management decides which employee will hold responsibility over each visit to Client’s pet(s).  In the event of an illness or injury to designated employee that prevents him/her from performing service, Management will notify the Client and arrange for either another employee or another qualified and insured pet sitter, acting as an Independent Contractor, to attain Client’s key(s) and care for pet(s).  Claims of negligence that involve an insured Independent Contractor for SPCR will be the responsibility of the Independent Contractor. Employees or independent contractors in training may accompany designated employee on visits unless otherwise established in writing but Management will inform Client that trainee will be in attendance.

3. Insurance: SPCR agrees to maintain liability insurance for all active employees through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. All SPCR Independent Contractors are required to carry their own liability insurance.

4. Damage to the Home: SPCR shall not be held responsible for any damage to the Client’s property caused by Client’s pet(s) unless such damage is caused by a negligent act by SPCR. SPCR carries bonding through Pet Sitters Associates LLC.  SPCR is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the employee’s control. This includes, but is not limited to: leaks, electrical problems, and acts of nature. In these situations, SPCR will attempt to contact the Client and the Emergency Contact before making a subjective decision on dealing with the damage. All repairs and related fees, including but not limited to SPCR emergency service time and coordination fees, will be paid by the Client.

5. Home Security: SPCR is not liable for any loss or damage in the event of a burglary or other crime that occurs during a service period. Client agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises. SPCR will re-secure the home according to Client instructions at the end of each visit. SPCR accepts no responsibility for loss to the premises if other individuals have access to Client’s home, or if the home is not properly secured by Client. At the time that service is booked, owner will notify SPCR of everyone who has been granted access to the home during the service period and will notify anyone entering the home that SPCR has access to and will be entering the home.

6. Scheduling/Invoicing: Client is responsible for scheduling service through the SPCR’s Time to Pet Client Portal. The portal can be accessed at  Service can be scheduled by clicking on the Schedule tab and selecting +Request New Service. SPCR Management will confirm scheduled services through Time to Pet. In order to hold space for said services, a non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of the first visit will be due immediately. Clients are required to put a credit card on file in the Time to Pet system. Management will charge Client’s credit card at the time of booking for the deposit amount and send an invoice for the full amount indicating that the deposit amount has been deducted from the total.

All services must be scheduled 24 hours in advance of the first visit and Clients are strongly encouraged to book services 2-3 weeks in advance. Clients requesting services with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a $5 Late Booking Fee added to the deposit invoice.

SPCR’s administrative hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Although some inquiries may be answered outside of these hours, Client understands that response likely will not be received after 5 pm on weekdays and at all on Saturdays and Sundays. In the event of an emergency, Client can call Sarah’s cell phone at 504 458 9965 and leave a voicemail. We will periodically check the voicemail after hours in case of emergency.* Clients are welcome to submit requests through the Time to Pet portal at any time recognizing that SPCR Management will respond when administrative hours start again.

7. Visit Times: At time of booking, SPCR provides a time interval during which visits will occur.  If an unforeseen situation arises, the time interval may be adjusted. All SPCR visits are scheduled to occur between 8 am and 8:30 pm daily. SPCR visits are scheduled to occur during the following intervals:

  • Morning: 8 am – 11 am
  • Midday: 11 am – 3 pm
  • Afternoon: 3 pm – 5 pm
  • Evening: 5 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Slumber Party (Overnight): 9 pm to 8 am

Client can request interval at the time of booking and SPCR will approve or reject request.

8. Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, SPCR is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for Client’s pet(s) and home, unless instructed by Client in writing to do otherwise. If circumstances beyond our control prohibit SPCR from following instructions, SPCR will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

Extreme Heat

During summer months, weather in New Orleans can reach very high temperatures. Length of walks during extreme weather conditions is at the discretion of SPCR employees. SPCR may shorten the length of outside time to protect the health of pet(s). SPCR employees will honor the 30-minute visit time by extending inside time with pet(s). SPCR shall not be held liable for any injury to pet due to extreme temperatures unless negligence can be proven.

Dog Walking Rain Cancellations

On rainy days, Dog Walking clients may choose to cancel their walk at no penalty. Full payment will be credited to the Client’s account. Client may also choose to retain visit with a short potty break and then quality walker-dog time inside the home for the duration of the visit.

Hurricane Evacuation Policy

Hurricane Season is defined as the time period between June 1st and November 30th annually.  Any SPCR Client booking in-home pet sitting services during Hurricane Season is responsible for the evacuation of Client’s own pet(s).  Because Client could be unavailable to evacuate own pet in an emergency, Client must provide SPCR with an Emergency Contact who can evacuate pet(s) in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. 

If Hurricane Emergency Contact is different from Client’s primary Emergency Contact, contact information for Hurricane Emergency Contact will be entered in SPCR’s Time to Pet portal in the Notes section. SPCR will refuse service during Hurricane Season to Clients who do not list a designated Hurricane Emergency Contact in the Time to Pet portal.

It is at the discretion of SPCR Management as to the exact Evacuation Plan for SPCR employees. In the event of the threat of a hurricane, SPCR representative will contact Client to notify about expected evacuation plan and timeline. Within 12 hours, Client must respond to SPCR representative regarding evacuation plan for pet.

SPCR may apply funds for future visits to other time spent at Client’s home securing premises and preparing pet for evacuation. Client must direct SPCR employees to all pet supplies including but not limited to pet carriers, vet records, extra food, extra medications, collars, and ID and immunization tags at the time of evacuation.  Additional time dedicated to gathering materials will be charged to Client at a rate of $22/hour.

SPCR is not liable for any damage to home or injury to pet(s) leading up to, during, or after evacuation. If Client or Hurricane Emergency Contact is unable to retrieve and/or evacuate pet(s), SPCR cannot guarantee the evacuation of or safety of Client’s pet(s). 

9. Payment:

As of March 1, 2016, SPCR requires all payments be made by credit card. Clients must put a credit card on file on the Time to Pet Portal ( SPCR does not accept cash or check payments.

Pet Sitting: A non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of the first visit is due at the time of booking to reserve visits on employees’ calendars. Management will charge the credit card on file for the deposit and send an invoice for the full amount indicating the deposit amount has been applied. 

All fees for SPCR pet sitting services are to be paid in full at least 24 hours prior to the first visit of each scheduled pet sitting trip.  Client can choose to pay the invoice before this time by going to the Invoices tab on their Time to Pet portal and selecting Make a Payment. If Client has not made a payment by the day of the first visit, an additional $5 late payment fee will be added and Management will charge the credit card on file for the full amount of the invoice.

Dog Walking: Fees for weekly SPCR dog walking services are to be paid at least 24 hours in advance of the first day of service each week.  Management will send an invoice for services by Friday of the previous week. If Client has not made a payment by first day of weekly service, an additional $5 late payment fee will be added and Management will charge credit card then.

PreK-9 Socialization Sessions (playgroup): Fees for weekly or biweekly playgroup service are to be paid at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled playgroup pickup. Management will send an invoice for services by Friday of the previous week.  If Client has not made a payment by start of playgroup, an additional $5 late payment fee will be added and Management will charge credit card then.

Individual Training: Clients are encouraged to pay the full fee upfront. Alternatively, a deposit of $110 is due at the time of booking the Behavior Assessment and weekly installments are due at the beginning of each weekly family session. Weekly installments depend on the individual program.

Group Training: Clients are encouraged to pay the $159 fee upfront for the course of their choice. Alternatively, a deposit of $80 is due when reserving space in the group training course and the remaining balance of $79 must be paid at the beginning of the first weekly class.

Monthly Membership: SPCR Management will charge Client credit card on file automatically on the 1st of each month for amount Client has authorized.

10. Holiday Fees: There is an additional $20 holiday fee per day on:

  • New Year’s Day                              (January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day             (3rd Monday in January)
  • Mardi Gras Day                               (different Tuesday each year)
  • Easter Sunday                                 (different Sunday each year)
  • Memorial Day                                  (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day                          (July 4th)
  • Labor Day                                       (1st Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day                                (2nd Monday in October)
  • Thanksgiving Day                            (4th Thursday in November)
  • Christmas Eve Day                          (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day                                 (December 25th)
  • New Year’s Eve                               (December 31st)

11. Cancellations/Service Reduction Fees: Cancellations must be received at least 24 hours prior to the visit. SPCR does not provide refunds in the event of a cancellation or service reduction.  The non-refundable booking deposit equal to the cost of the first service will be kept as a cancellation fee. The rest of the payment will be applied as a credit to be used for future service. Exceptions to the cancellation fee are only in the event of a rainy day dog walk cancellation as mentioned in article 8 (Inclement Weather: Dog Walking Rain Cancellations) or due to pet illness. Clients who purchase the SPCR Membership Program are not charged additional cancellation or service reduction fees; however, any booked service (whether cancelled or not) will be counted against Client’s guaranteed service for the month.

12. Declined Credit Cards: SPCR requires payment in cash anytime a credit card is declined.  Should a declination incur fees for SPCR, Client is responsible for said fees. In the event that it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings, Client is responsible for all SPCR attorney fees and costs of collection. SPCR also reserves the right to deny service in the event of a credit card declination.

13. Communication: All client communication with SPCR must go through the Time to Pet portal ( Should other instructions be communicated outside of the portal, SPCR cannot be held accountable for following said instructions.

Client must fill out the My Info and Pets tabs of the portal fully at least 24 hours before Blind Date initial client consultation. Client is responsible for maintaining the data integrity of all information on the Time to Pet portal and shall not hold SPCR liable for misinformation found on the portal and resulting errors related to caring for pet or home.

14. Complaints: Client agrees to discuss any post-service concerns with Management within 48 hours of service period.  SPCR Management takes complaints very seriously and seeks to rectify any concerns.

15. Key Handling: SPCR requires two copies of Client’s house key(s). If keys are not given to SPCR during the Blind Date initial client consultation, Client must drop key(s) in business owner Sarah Covert’s mailbox at 1027 Austerlitz St., NOLA 70115. Key(s) must be received two days in advance of first visit, unless special arrangement is made with Management.

Upon receipt of keys, Management labels keys with name of pet(s) and business owner Sarah Covert’s phone number. One key is distributed to primary pet expert and spare key is stored in a secure location.  Once service is complete, SPCR will keep Client keys on file for future bookings unless Client requests keys back in writing. Client understands that keys will be placed in secure location until future service is requested or until keys are requested back in writing.  Should keys be requested back, Client will arrange with Management a time and location convenient to Management to pick keys up.  Should Client request keys back, it will be the responsibility of Client to arrange drop off of keys back to Management prior to next scheduled service.

SPCR does offer lockout service. In the event that Client is locked out of home, Client can call SPCR on business line 504-457-8778 to request key service. Client understands that SPCR may not answer if after hours and that it may take up to 1 hour for SPCR employee to retrieve key from secure location and bring to Client in his or her location. If Management is able to bring key to Client, the cost for key service is set at $25 per occurrence and is due by credit card immediately upon delivery of key.

16. House Cleanliness: SPCR will provide light cleanup after your pets.  Clients inform SPCR of designated area for appropriate cleaning supplies via the Time to Pet portal.  SPCR is not responsible for carpet/flooring stains created by your pet(s).  SPCR requires Client provide plastic bags, towels, cleaning products, paper towels, and trash bags.  If additional SPCR employee time is required for cleaning, SPCR Management will notify Client and  reserves the right to charge $20/hour for additional cleanup time. Should a more thorough cleaning be necessary, SPCR offers professional cleaning service through our partner Jill of All Trades. Client can request hourly cleaning services at the time of booking services and SPCR will negotiate pricing and services at that time. For trips over one week in length, SPCR will encourage Client to purchase cleaning service.

17. Errands: Client agrees to purchase adequate supplies including but not limited to food, litter, medication, and cleaning supplies for the duration of service period before service begins and inform SPCR of location of additional supplies via the Time to Pet portal. Should SPCR employee require additional supplies, SPCR reserves the right to bill Client for running an errand at a rate of $22 per store plus the purchase cost. Payment/reimbursement is due to SPCR within 7 days of errand.

18. Plants: Caring for plants is a free part of SPCR service, and SPCR employees will do their best to follow care instructions for indoor/outdoor plants. However, SPCR employees are not plant experts and are not responsible for any indoor/outdoor plants.

19. Medications: SPCR employees will attempt to administer medications as directed but SPCR is not responsible for complications that arise as a result. There is an additional fee for the delivery of medication by injection, pilling, and other more difficult means as determined by SPCR. Medication fees are not charged if pill is taken in food or treat. If SPCR employee is unable to administer medication, SPCR will not be held accountable for any arising complications and will not reimburse client for medication fee. Client must give clear instructions on medication in administration through Time to Pet portal; other instructions will not be honored.

20. Veterinary Care: The Client authorizes SPCR to transport pet(s) to and from their preferred veterinary clinic if necessary. The Client also authorizes SPCR to utilize an alternative veterinarian in the event the primary veterinarian is unavailable or SPCR employees in partnership with Management determine that going to a nearby location would be in best interest for pet’s health. Client must fill out attached Veterinarian Authorization to inform veterinarian that SPCR can act on Client’s behalf.

SPCR will make every effort to contact Client prior to obtaining emergency care. If Client cannot be reached in case of an emergency, SPCR will attempt to reach Emergency Contact. Should Emergency Contact be unreachable, SPCR shall act on Client’s behalf to authorize any treatment with the exclusion of euthanasia.

The Client accepts responsibility for any charges related to emergency care.  In the event that Client cannot be reached and SPCR Management uses SPCR funds to pay for emergency care, Client must reimburse SPCR within 7 days of veterinarian visit. Client understands that SPCR also reserves the right to charge for additional SPCR employee time spent transporting and staying with pet as a result of emergency.

21. Contagious Illness/Vaccinations: SPCR does not service pets that have an active, contagious illness. Client must notify SPCR of any health condition pet has or risk related to pet’s routine behaviors.  If SPCR employees are bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received from the Client’s pet(s), the Client will be responsible for all costs and damages that may be incurred as a result. Client is responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to SPCR employees caused by pet(s).

SPCR requires proof of vaccination at the time of Blind Date initial client consultation. Client may give hard copy of vaccination paperwork to SPCR employee(s) during the Blind Date or can email records to [email protected] prior to the Blind Date. Vaccination records will be uploaded to the Time to Pet client portal by SPCR employee. Client can see uploaded documents on My Info tab of portal.

Client must email updated vaccine records to [email protected] as requested. SPCR will request updated records annually. Below is the list of required vaccines for SPCR clients:


  • canine parvovirus
  • distemper
  • canine hepatitis
  • rabies
  • bordatella – if dog is sometimes kenneled


  • panleukopenia (feline distemper)
  • feline calicivirus
  • feline herpesvirus type I (rhinotracheitis)
  • rabies
  • feline leukemia virus – if cat has exposure to outdoors or other outdoor cats
  • feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) – if cat has exposure to outdoors or other outdoor cats

SPCR also requires that all pets in our care be kept current with a flea/heart worm preventative.

22. Other Dogs: SPCR does our best to keep interaction with stray or strange dogs to a minimum when walking Client’s dog(s). Should Client inform us that dog must be kept away from all other dogs (through entry on Time to Pet portal), SPCR employees will do our best to avoid all interaction. SPCR will not be held liable for any harm to dog due to interaction with another dog unless negligence can be proven.

23. Outdoor Cats/Dogs Off-Leash: SPCR is not liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet(s) with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

SPCR will allow dogs off-leash only at the instruction of Client, only when SPCR feels that dog will behave if given that freedom, and only within a secure, fully gated location.  SPCR is not responsible for any additional liability that may arise as a result of dog being off-leash unless Client has expressly stated that dog must not be off leash.

24. Pet Transportation: SPCR will provide transportation for Client’s pet(s) in accordance with written instructions in the Time to Pet portal. SPCR is not liable for any injury that may occur in the process of transporting pet(s).

25. Privacy: Client information will be kept private and confidential.  Client will receive email communication from SPCR unless Client indicates in writing to remove Client from SPCR email list.

26. Photo Release: Client agrees that SPCR may capture pet’s likeness in photos, video, and other media and use likeness on company website, social media, and other marketing materials. Client understands that Client is not due any payment for the use of pet’s likeness for SPCR purposes.

27. Client Membership Program: As of April 1, 2016, Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution now offers Clients the opportunity to participate in its SPCR Membership programs. Price and details of each monthly membership is determined on a case-by-case basis with SPCR’s Owner Sarah Covert.

Upon enrollment in the SPCR Membership Program, Clients receive guaranteed priority booking and service, invitations to SPCR events and workshops, and access to our guides, newsletters, and blogs. Upper level members also receive a free SPCR t-shirt and regular care package. An initial 6-month-minimum subscription is required. Client credit card is charged automatically for monthly membership fee on the 1st of each month.

After 6 month minimum, Clients may cancel SPCR Membership at any time. Cancellations must be received at least one week prior to the 1st of the following month to go into effect for the next month. To cancel your membership, please call Sarah (504-458-9965) between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday-Friday or send us a message any time through our client portal, Time To Pet (

*The definition of emergency is at the discretion of SPCR Management.