Nola Kitten Sittin'

Let’s face it: Dogs and cats are different. And, while we love dogs, we must admit that the felines hold a special place in our hearts. Cats usually run the show in their homes and we know that the level of fun they are going to have with us is up to them. We seek to make them feel safe while not stepping into their personal space uninvited. Our goal is to be accepted fully into their clowder.

Kitties can get awfully stressed when their humans are away, and we tailor our services to each cat based on what they need to stay calm while you are away. If your cat wants us to play, we’ll play. If he’d rather cuddle, we are game for that. If she doesn’t want anything to do with us, we’ll just check for a set of eyes under the bed and leaveher be! There have been many times when our best bet has been to stay put and stay quiet and wait for them to come to us. Whatever it takes, we pride ourselves on quality kitten sittin’.

Please email [email protected] to schedule our services for your cat or cats.