photo-150x150Sarah Hammitt & Christopher Graham

I knew right away that Sarah would provide the perfect help with our puppy Schnauzer, Geoffrey. Sarah is a fun, playful, generous, considerate, and loving individual and Geoffrey loved her from her very first visit. Sarah provides daily texts and pictures, relays cute occurrences, has helped with our training, and has even provided helpful insights into Geoffrey’s personality! I fully trust Sarah with my house and my best friend and would recommend her to any pet owner!

hugeback-150x150Marni Seieroe & Brian Hugeback

Sarah was really friendly the first time she met our cats Tux and Jaz. She got right down on their level to play. Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution is not only great at providing the best care for my pets, but is actually part of the family. She provides me with pictures while I’m away of my babies and it is evident they know and embrace her while she comes to visit.


Barkies-300x225Jessica Kiser & Sean Wright

Sarah and Erin handled our 3 “high maintenance” dogs with compassion and a good sense of humor.  We are the first to admit that our 3 dogs are a handful – none of them are thrilled about strangers, they bark louder when excited than one would think is physically possible, two require medication, and the third is epileptic.  When we were forced to leave town for a week on business, Sarah and Erin calmed our fears about leaving the dogs by sending routine updates and photos of our babies via email and text.

IMG_0647-150x150Carrie Wyland & Nathan Paculba

Sarah has been taking care of our babies for over a year now and she has been a blessing!  I really don’t know what we’d do without her and Erin.  One of our cats is very anxious around strangers but took right to Sarah and Erin, and that makes a huge difference.  I know they really care about our cats and that we are leaving our babies in good hands when we leave, so now we can travel without worrying!