RELAX. WE’VE GOT You Covered.

Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution supports loving pet owners who want their pets to be happy, safe, and well-behaved on a daily basis.

We are a team of caring and expert specialists taking pet care to the next level by creating customized and flexible care plans that set pets and their parents up to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to provide thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet.

Fall into a New Routine

Home Services Care When You’re Away PreK-9 Socialization Program Home-Based Individual Training Group Training Pricing Team Job Openings Testimonials Client Contract Blog Book Now August is the perfect time to begin thinking about how your family’s routine...

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Beat the Heat! Tips for a pet-friendly August

Home Services Care When You’re Away PreK-9 Socialization Program Home-Based Individual Training Group Training Pricing Team Job Openings Testimonials Client Contract Blog Book Now Captain Obvious reporting for duty: It’s very hot outside! Here are a...

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Sarah Vegging Out

Whenever my dad was away for dinner, my mom cooked hamburgers or steak. After a heart scare and one particularly bad lamb chop, he had sworn off red meat.  When I moved out, I was excited to be able to eat it at home. But I found I didn’t like handling raw meat of any...

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The Matter of Good Manners

One of the first things parents teach their children is how to have positive interactions with the people around them- most notably through effective communication and using good manners. Considering that many experts believe that a dog’s mental age is about...

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most environmentally conscientious person on the planet. I recycle faithfully, and am sad that New Orleans lacks a residential glass recycling program. I buy local products whenever possible, which is usually pretty easy to...

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Park Life

  While New Orleans has no dearth of dogs, or even dog-friendly establishments, its number of dog parks is minimal compared to other urban areas. Much like their human counterparts, many New Orleans canines are social animals. And with the heavenly weather we’ve...

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Toxins and Table Scraps

When my husband and I took our dog, Mojo, for his annual checkup last year, the vet chided us for having allowed the dog to put on some extra pounds. Mojo had been eating the same food at the same rate, and exercising in the same manner as always. The only difference...

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“Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

Spring is upon us in New Orleans, and along with festivals and warmer weather, that often means rain. Humans usually deal with this by grabbing an umbrella and pulling on some rubber boots, but for animals, rain often brings up a whole host of issues. Dogs and cats...

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Now Hiring: Part-Time Pet Expert

About Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution: Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution is an insured and bonded in-home professional pet sitting, dog walking, playgroup and training service that has continued to serve the New Orleans area since November 2010.  We provide thoughtful pet care...

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Now Hiring Pet Expert

We are seeking responsible candidates for the position of Pet Expert. Candidates are not expected to be pet experts at the time of hire as animal expertise will be taught during intensive training and on-boarding process. Our expectations for our new hires include:...

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New World, New Rules: Training Through Canine Eyes

‘ARF! ARF! ARF!’ My own shrill voice reverberates through the quiet house, echoing on the marble floor. WHY am I here alone, and WHAT are these brown blocks doing in my path?! It tastes like cardboard as I try to chew through them to get out. This is NOT a tasty...

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