Thanksgiving Photos and Video

Hop on over to our new Facebook album to see pics of new clients from Thanksgiving 2013. And check out this video of Pineapple playing with her new favorite cat sitter. If you turn up the volume loud enough, you can hear her purr the entire time. Now that’s a...

By Land, By Air, Or By Sea

Sarah the Pet Sitter is proud to provide care to a variety of households. Above is a little clip of Ozzie (a poodle/shepherd mix)  and Zeus (a Scarlet Macaw) hanging around the house during an SPS visit. We’ve got a well trained and highly experienced staff and...

Top Dog Chef

Jennifer Lawrence won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, but did you know that she also starred in SNL’s “Top Dog Sketch”? Now that’s Oscar worthy!

Frannie Takes a Leap

Frannie pulls a Spiderman to get to her food bowl. As her parents say, “She likes to dine from above!”