Nessy and Smoky (top and below respectively) are 10-year old part-Siamese litter-mates looking for a new forever home.  Their loving pet-parent passed away on March 5th of a stroke.  Sarah went to visit the kitties Saturday morning to meet them and take photos–Smoky was shy but is known to be the cuddly one. They are both absolutely beautiful cats.

During the visit, Nessy was very sweet and curious. However, she has the true Siamese-Gemini spirit to match her representative Siamese coloring: switching between two distinct personalities (one of which likes to hiss). Nessy loves to talk and lie in the sun.  Friends say that Smoky, who has a gorgeous black coat, is very affectionate and likes to drink from the sink. Smoky is clearly affected by the loss of her owner and hid while Sarah came to visit; with a little love she will definitely open up. This great Siamese pair is declawed, so they must remain inside cats. They will be happiest if they can be adopted together in a dog-free home.

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