In order for dogs to thrive, they need regular social interaction with other members of their species and with a variety of humans.

Give your dog that chance today!

Our PreK-9 sessions are a great opportunity to get to know others in the safest setting.

  • Focused Monitoring

The 2:1 student-teacher ratio allows for immediate intervention and quality teaching during fun play time.

  • Precursor to Daycare

If you eventually want to send your baby to doggy daycare but are nervous that their behaviors may need work or if your pup has been kicked out of a daycare, PreK-9 is an excellent precursor to or break from a large group.

  • Convenient

We pick up your dogs from your house, drive them to the dog park, and then bring them home after their playdate.

Start right away!

We offer two options for PreK-9: the Ruff n’Tumble group and the Easy Does It group:

Ruff n’ Tumbles: If your dog loves to wrestle, play-bite, and run at break-neck speed, we’d put him in with our Ruff n’ Tumble group. We are used to the way big dogs play together and we keep a watchful eye to jump in at that moment when play fighting has the potential to morph into the real thing. Your buddy will love the chance to get down and dirty with well-matched friends for a full two hours. Ruff n’ Tumbles sessions are held once per week on Tuesday mornings.

Easy Does Its: For the more delicate types, Easy Does Its is the right fit. If your pup is small or skittish around people or other dogs, this group is for you. The little guys can play free from any worry about getting trampled or roughed up. They can literally pick on someone their own size and you’ll know that everyone will be safe and have a great time! We make a special effort to help shy dogs venture out from behind our legs meaning they grow out of their wariness and into playing with others. Easy Does Its sessions are held every other Thursday morning.

Contact us today to learn more about our canine socialization program!

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