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Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. Worldwide, cyclone activity that can lead to hurricanes and related weather occurrences  peaks peaks in late summer. In the Atlantic, that sharp peak happens from late August to September. That means that the most active part of hurricane season is right around the corner. Below, Sarah the Pet Sitter shares tips and advice for preparing yourself and your pets for hurricane season.

To prepare for hurricane season, all pet homes should have a few basic things on hand to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy even in the case of evacuation.

1) Daily Staples:The best rule of thumb when preparing for hurricane season is to remember that your pet has many of the same needs that you have. It is important to have ample food, medicine, and litter available for your pet. Also, remember that your pet will need water too. It is advised that everyone stock at least one gallon of water per person per day for three days in case of emergency. You pet will need water in addition to that. Moreover, small animals may need an easily accessible carrier or a spare collar and leash to travel with.

2) Documents: In case of emergency it’s a good idea to store important personal documents in an easily accessible, waterproof container. SPS recommends that you keep your pet’s medical records and microchip information in that same container. While it can be hard to think about, it is also a good idea to keep a recent photograph of your family including your pet in that same container. In the worst case, these documents will help you identify a separated or lost pet.

3) Medicine: Medications were mentioned with daily staples, but they are worth mentioning twice. Whether you are riding out a storm, or evacuating, it is important to have an excess of medications for yourself and your pets. Even if you leave town just to play it safe, the extra medications can help relieve some of the stress of travelling. This includes heartworm and flea preventative in case your pet needs to stay in a shelter.

4)Travel Route: In the case of evacuation it is important to remember that not all hotels are pet friendly and neither are all shelters. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to check with friends or family that you might evacuate to and make sure that they can accomodate you and your pet or pets. Having an evacuation plan in place is very important to keep you and your pets safe. For many people this means making sure cars have full tanks of gas and knowing the safest travelling route. For others this means relocating to a shelter or utilizing public transportation in the event of a mandatory evacuation. In any case, preparing now means happier and safer pets and owners in case of emergency.

As with all things, SPS team highly recommends that everyone over-prepare. Our dog walkers and cat sitters have that attitude with every visit, and it means that we can be sure our pet clients and ourselves are safe and well cared for. While SPS hopes for a quiet hurricane season, we know that the unthinkable can happen. In such situations, SPS believes that it is best for pets and their owners to be together. Our policy regarding hurricane evacuations are available to all of our clients. If you are a client and would like a copy, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want everyone to be informed, prepared, and safe this hurricane season.