Job Description

Pet Sitter

About Sarah the Pet Sitter:

Sarah the Pet Sitter LLC is an insured and bonded in-home professional pet sitting and dog walking service that has been serving the New Orleans area since November 2010. We provide thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet.

Our Staff:

Sarah the Pet Sitter’s staff currently consists of the owner and five part-time pet sitters. Pet sitters are assigned to a specific area throughout which they bike from one home to another to visit cats and/or walk dogs. This hire would be assigned to our downtown area (CBD, French Quarter, Marigny, and Bywater). Sitters are responsible for supervising the care of the clients who live within their area. Pet sitters work closely with the owner and other pet sitters to ensure the pets they serve receive the highest quality care, finding substitutes when they are unavailable, communicating with the rest of the team and with the pets’ parent, and learning new techniques/doing research to continue to improve upon the care they provide. In order to create consistency for our clients, we ask that each new sitter commit to at least one year with Sarah the Pet Sitter. We will give preference to applicants who can work on holidays, work odd hours, and work at last minute notice. We may also be open to hiring staff specifically for holiday help since holidays are our busiest times of year.

Salary and Benefits:

Pet sitters/dog walkers are paid at a rate of $10/hour and are paid for their travel to and from visits (within reason depending on their point of origin) as well as the amount of time they spend at the visit (visits last 30 minutes). Opportunities for advancement and full-time positions may be available as the business grows.

The true benefit to this job though is the job itself. There is no better reward than the excitement a dog gives you to see you open the door to come play with him or the purring of a kitty resting peacefully in your lap. Working as a pet sitter is a healing and joyous experience. In addition, you would receive the perk of joining a fun, dynamic, smart, and caring team.


As much fun as this job is, it actually requires more from people than it may seem at first. Before applying, please carefully consider the responsibilities of the position as, if hired, you will be expected to live up to them.

Client Communication:

Our clients expect high quality service. They could easily ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to help with their pet, but they are hiring a professional. As such, they will receive the highest quality professional service imaginable. Pet sitters/dog walkers:

  • Provide a creative and fun daily update (most often including a photograph or video taken with smart phone) that puts the pet parent’s mind at ease, shows them that their pet is happy and well cared for, and warms their heart
  • Serve as partners to the pet parent in providing care to the pet, so err on the side of over-communication to ensure that the pet parent knows how their pet is doing, what they need, and whether there is anything behavioral or medical that needs attention
  • Are on time, responsible, dependable, and upbeat even when situations are not ideal. We provide top-notch customer service no matter what.
  • Collect payments and turn them over to owner.

Animal Care

The pets we deal with also rely on us for high quality service. Pet sitters/dog walkers are responsible for both pets’ well-being and their enjoyment; this is a fine line we walk. Pet sitters/dog walkers:

  • Stay informed through our information systems about the details of each pet’s care, ensuring that they receive exactly the amount of food, water, exercise, etc that each pet parent has set forth
  • Go to great lengths to ensure that the pet has a good time: being creative about walk routes, opportunities for play, and grasping moments when the pet needs love. If you aren’t having fun, then chances are they aren’t either.
  • Can handle behavioral challenges and use the training they receive from us to put the pet at ease and manage the situation.
  • Take on the most uncomfortable of situations with a smile, including but not limited to: cleaning up medical messes and handling difficult pets.

Business Development

All Sarah the Pet Sitter team members are instrumental in growing our clientele and improving upon our current business models. Pet sitters/dog walkers:

  • Communicate with the owner and other pet sitters regularly and fully to ensure the business runs smoothly and that (s)he is up-to-date on all information.
  • Look for ways to nurture Sarah the Pet Sitter’s dedication to being a green and socially responsible business.
  • Submit ideas for our blog and other social media engagement.
  • Submit ideas for additional marketing opportunities.
  • Work with owner to develop trainings, business materials, and communications with clients such that we can be as successful as possible in all that we do.


We are looking for nothing short of fabulous workers to add to our team. Qualities/Qualifications include:

  • Timely
  • Warm Demeanor/Puts people at ease/Makes great first impressions
  • Sense of Humor
  • Extraordinary Communicator
  • Fast and Enthusiastic Learner
  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Willingness to learn dog whispering techniques and other pet handling strategies
  • Capable of keeping information in confidence
  • Works well under pressure
  • Takes feedback well and incorporates it into work
  • Self starter
  • Team player
  • Willing to grow as photographer
  • Has car
  • Has and enjoys riding bike
  • Interest in and developed analysis of social justice/feminism, environmentalism, and activism through small, personal choices
  • Can walk the line between professional and personal relationships both with other team members and with clients
  • Owns or is willing to purchase smart phone (preferably iPhone) to use for work purposes
  • Previous experience with pets
  • Experience in environments that offer excellent customer service

Preference will be given to candidates who have experience and proven record of success working with feral cats and dogs with major behavioral issues.

Hiring Process:

To apply to be a pet sitter with Sarah the Pet Sitter, please send your resume, a cover letter expressing your interest in and qualification for the position, and three references to [email protected] with Pet Sitter Application in the subject line no later than Monday, August 12th. Candidates selected from among the pool of written applications will begin our interview process immediately. We hope to bring on our hires for training before September 1st.