On Tuesday (May 6th), the Sarah the Pet Sitter community will join together in …


This event marks an exciting collaboration for us.  Amelia Manning, SPS Pet Sitter/Manager of Sustainability Initiatives, has worked at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown even longer than her 1.5-year tenure with our team.  She’s seen LPK raise funds for many organizations over the course of that time and when her boss mentioned this year’s set of dinners, Amelia jumped at the chance to come to the SPS staff and ask that we sponsor one of them to benefit a local nonprofit aiding the animals of New Orleans.

Since our clients and friends care not just about their own pets, but also about New Orleans as a whole and animal welfare in general, we knew that you would also be excited to join with us in raising money for the charity we chose: Animal Rescue of New Orleans.
My sister Maggie was volunteering at ARNO’s impactful no-kill shelter just over 5 years ago, when two tiny kittens came in.  She took them home to bottle feed them and help them grow up strong (everyone thought that at least one of them might not make it she was so weak). All along, I’m convinced Maggie had a plan to get them adopted.  Recently returned from New York, I had been hinting at my growing urge to adopt my first pet as an adult so of course, out of the blue, Maggie texted me something like,  “I have to work a long shift and my boyfriend is busy. Would you mind coming over to bottle-feed the kittens this afternoon?”
kittensShe had shown me how to do so and how could I say no? She kept them in a large closet separate from her other pets and as I sat there, on the floor of my sister’s closet, holding and feeding two of the cutest kittens ever, I knew she had gotten me! From that day on, it was clear that Matrix and Peanut would become my kittens.  This April, they both celebrated their 5th birthdays and, if it hadn’t been for ARNO’s incredible work to save them, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience what I consider to be the three best things in my life today:
  • Matrix lying on my chest in bed purring.
  • Giving Peanut belly rubs while she looks up at me thankfully.
  • Running and growing this amazing, rewarding business
Matrix and Peanut inspired me to start Sarah the Pet Sitter three and a half years ago, and we all have ARNO to thank for SPS.
Please join me and the rest of the SPS team at LPK Uptown for dinner anytime after 5 pm on Tuesday. Mention Sarah or ARNO to your server and 25% of your bill will be donated to ARNO. Can’t make it for dinner? Mention Sarah/ARNO when you dine-in or order takeout from LPK Uptown anytime on Tuesday, and ARNO will still get the 25%. “But I can’t get to LPK that day at all!” No worries! You can still help. Make a donation to ARNO directly HERE.