doggy day care new orleans

The SPS team knows that caring for pets, and especially walking dogs, is a lot like a dance. When partners dance, they have a leader and a follower. Dancers must pay close attention to each other so they can move together fluidly. They know each other’s signals and can anticipate their partner’s next move. This is especially true when an SPS team member is taking care of a pack like this happy family of Vislas. (Be sure to hover your mouse over the picture to catch all of their names!)

To get to this level with a dog takes time and energy. SPS knows that whether it’s a walk, a game of fetch, or dinner time, every interaction matters. That’s why the SPS team is always sure to focus on the pets during our time together. When the pets know they can trust us, and we know we can communicate with the pet, then SPS visits go as smoothly as Fred and Ginger gliding around the floor.