cat sitter ollie sarah the pet sitter

Ollie here knows what all the SPS cat sitters and dog walkers know: little things can make a big difference. Just think about it. The difference between the Friday morning and Saturday morning, the difference between creating trash and recycling, the difference between greeting neighbors and ignoring them, the difference between being a cat sitter and sitting on a cat. For Ollie, opposable thumbs (or the lack thereof) are a little thing that make a big difference. Without thumbs, Ollie can’t easily open that luscious jar of treats on the table and must instead beg his cat sitter for help. At SPS we know that a lot of pets can be pretty self-sufficient, so we always strive to find a way to make that little difference. That’s why our cat sitters and dog walkers always recycle and rely on eco-friendly products as much as we can. Plus, science has shown that being friendly makes us all happier people, something our pets can also enjoy. Little differences can make a big impact!