Sarah the Pet Sitter has had the pleasure to get to know so many dogs since opening in Novemeber 2010. Every dog is different, and so are their owners! This is why we recommend a Blind Date behavior assessment before beginning our visits with your dog. We encounter many different methods on dog walking and make it our priority to keep your dog safe on their walk with SPS.

Depending on the dog, our team prefers the head collar (we get ours from the LASPCA–Remy models it below) or the prong collar. However, we respect our clients’ choices regarding their own pets, but are happy to offer our experience if owner support is requested. The Humane Society has a great article cataloguing all the different types of collars, from regular ones to special needs or aversive. It is helpful in correcting misconceptions about certain aversive leashes as well as explaining the wide scope of collar options.