At Sarah the Pet Sitter, we are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. Sometimes this means taking time to talk to our clients’ neighbors or making sure we recycle the waste we create while caring for your pet. Today we direct our consciousness to cat toys! Specifically “Hot Cats Catnip Toys”–it sounds funny, but the company Full Circle Herb has been around since 1982. The catnip stuffed sausages are handmade in Oregon, and the catnip they use is totally organic and grown in Washington State. Sarah’s own cats Matrix and Peanut love their Hot Cats toy.

Why bother with cat nip at all? Well, cat nip is aromatherapy for cats; it can aid their digestion when added to drinking water and relax them before grooming or during convalescence. It certainly helped Erin’s cat Napoleon when he was confined inside for 2 weeks for health reasons. If you are looking for an eco-friendly product made in the US, we highly recommend the Hot Cats toy.