Beat the Heat! Tips for a pet-friendly August

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Captain Obvious reporting for duty: It’s very hot outside!

Here are a few helpful tips for facing the dog days of New Orleans summer:

  • Cats can tolerate a wide range of temperatures but they are better at warming themselves up (as you’ve seen with their use of blankets, laps, sunny spots, etc) than cooling themselves off. So, when in doubt, keep it cooler.
  • If there is nothing you can do to prevent the temperature from being too hot (think: power outages during 2012’s Hurricane Isaac), be sure to provide more than enough fresh water and create whatever ventilation you can for your cat.
  • Cats are not like dogs. When they pant, they are either stressed out or severely overheated.
  • If your cat is at risk for heat stroke, you can lower their body temperature by dipping them in cool water or wrapping them in wet towels (IF they let you of course!). Always consult your veterinarian in an emergency.


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