We are sad to announce that as of March 24, 2013 our beloved pet sitter and Assistant Manager Erin Roussel will be moving on from Sarah the Pet Sitter.  Since joining the team in May of 2011, she has accomplished all of the following extraordinary achievements:

– Helped to recruit 190 new clients

– Co-created an organization system capable of handling our growth

– Inspired our focus on green initiatives

– Founded and developed our blog, publishing over 500 blog posts

– Managed our social media campaign

– Was instrumental in hiring, training, and managing our three new employees (in essence more than doubling our team and capacity to serve clients!)

– Managed our graphic design and web management consultants resulting in the creation of our T-shirts, first flyer, business cards, and relaunch of our website

– All around was Sarah’s right hand woman for almost two years

– Won the hearts of countless pet clients and their parents!

We are so sad to see Erin go, but are excited for what awaits her next! ¬†From everyone at Sarah the Pet Sitter and on behalf of all of the pets and pet parents who have benefitted from Erin’s love, care, and hard work, we want to thank her for everything and wish her the best for wherever her path will take her next.