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Thursday, January 22nd
7 pm Central (get the time in your timezone)
Cost: Free

On the call you will learn:

  • The #1 tip for ensuring your dog is productive and not destructive
  • The secret to preventing doggie anxiety
  • The most important safety questions to ask anyone caring for your pet
  • How to give your dogs the long, healthy life they deserve
  • What you’re doing that may turn your dog into a brat

Sarah Covert is the owner of Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution. In 2010 inspired by her pets, Sarah started a one-woman pet sitting business in New Orleans called Sarah the Pet Sitter. Since then, she has grown the business to a 10-person team, which has completed over 10,000 visits in 500+ clients’ homes, and developed new programs like weekly dog socialization sessions and comprehensive individualized one-on-one training. Sarah has counseled numerous dog moms and dads to help them choose the best possible lives for their pets.

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Jessica and roux

There is nothing I do not trust Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution with. Sarah has really taken pet care to a whole new level, and I am so proud to benefit from her services.

–Jessica Perkins


I have been impressed with Sarah’s diligent management of her company, and her team’s caring competence makes me feel at ease leaving my two favorite creatures in their care. Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution truly cares about making our lives easier.

–Becky Mowbray

geoffrey and sarah h

Sarah is a fun, playful, generous, considerate, and loving individual. She has helped with our training and has even provided helpful insights into Geoffrey’s personality.–Sarah Hammitt

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