There is so much advice for dog parents. Where do you start?

What if you had a step-by-step structured program from the pet industry expert for how to guide your dog to reach his or her full potential?

Introducing the powerful program
Care, Confidence, and Consistency: The 3 C’s to a Problem- Free Pup
from Sarah Covert, owner of Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution!

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In our video series and written materials I will coach you to become:

  • Prepared for all the challenges that may arise in your dog’s life
  • Organized around every aspect of pet care and dog empowerment
  • Motivated to implement and maintain the structures that make you and your dog happiest
  • Informed about the most up to date research on your dog’s needs and effective methods for change
  • Confident in every choice you make for your dog
  • Supported to step into your potential as a leader

I can give you the key to your dog’s and your own happiness!

In our revolutionary 3-course video program delivered direct to your inbox over 6 weeks, you will get everything you need to set up your dog for success and step into your role as an outstanding pet parent! Each video comes with worksheets to help you chart your success plan.

In Course 1: Care, you get the rundown of the details to coDSC_0387 - Version 2nsider about every need your dog has. You will learn:

  • What to feed your dog
  • The kind of and amount of exercise your dog needs
  • Which temperature is ideal for your dog
  • How to make your dog comfortable in the crate
  • When to use tough love and how to do so appropriately

DSC_0407In Course 2: Confidence, you step into your role as calm, confident leader of your family. You’ll discover:

  • What exactly your dog is looking for in a leader
  • How to convince your dog you are confident even when you aren’t
  • The limiting beliefs that keep you small in your dog’s eyes
  • A simple program to get comfortable with physical communication
  • Success stories of others who have stepped into their power

DSC_0426In Course 3: Consistency, you gain all you need to ensure you follow the plan you’ve set. My team and I will teach you:

  • The key to keeping up a routine that works for your dog and for you
  • How to stay motivated even when you are frustrated
  • The way your dog’s brain works
  • What types of training are out there and which is best for your family
  • When and how to train your dog so that it sticks


What people are saying:

Jessica and roux

There is nothing I do not trust Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution with. Sarah has really taken pet care to a whole new level, and I am so proud to benefit from her services.

–Jessica Perkins


I have been impressed with Sarah’s diligent management of her company, and her team’s caring competence makes me feel at ease leaving my two favorite creatures in their care. Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution truly cares about making our lives easier.

–Becky Mowbray

geoffrey and sarah h

Sarah is a fun, playful, generous, considerate, and loving individual. She has helped with our training and has even provided helpful insights into Geoffrey’s personality.–Sarah Hammitt