Job Description
Part-Time Administrative Assistant

About Sarah the Pet Sitter:

Sarah the Pet Sitter LLC is an insured and bonded in-home professional pet sitting and dog walking service that has been serving the New Orleans area since November 2010.  We provide thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet.

Our Staff:

Sarah the Pet Sitter’s staff currently consists of the Owner/Director and an Assistant Manager, both of whom work a full day pet sitting/dog walking and/or doing project work, as well as a part-time Administrative Assistant.  Our current Administrative Assistant is leaving us shortly and we are seeking a replacement.  Due to rapid growth in our business, we will also be adding supplementary pet sitters/dog walkers.  Therefore, the role of the Administrative Assistant will grow to manage more sitter schedules and field communication from more clients.

Salary and Benefits:

The Administrative Assistant will have the opportunity to be part of our fun, dynamic, smart, and caring team.  This position is paid at a rate of $10/hour.  The Administrative Assistant works 4 hours/day, 6 days/week.  The opportunity for advancement and transition into a full-time position may be available as the business grows.

Because the Administrative Assistant communicates by computer and phone most of the time, the responsibilities can be done from almost anywhere.  This affords the Admin Assistant a tremendous amount of flexibility.


On a daily basis, the Administrative Assistant:

–      Monitors the [email protected] email address, responding to requests for service, questions about service, and other inquiries.  Checks with Owner/Director and other stuff as needed to ensure all responses are accurate and timely.

–      Inputs appointments into and re-organizes staff calendars to ensure all service requests are met, simultaneously communicating with staff about changes to their calendars.

–      Updates the Appointment Tracker to ensure that all appointments are accounted for

–      Notifies client when his/her pet appears on the Sarah the Pet Sitter blog

–      Creates, sends, and uploads invoices for all vacation clients whose pets will be seen one week later

–      Sends Chase QuickPay requests to those invoiced clients who have chosen to pay online

–      Receives online payments and logs them in Appointment Tracker

–      Updates Visit Details spreadsheet with updated information on client care as communicated by Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers or pet parents

–      Serves as thought partner to Owner/Director and Assistant Manager as requested

–      Communicates with Owner/Director, Assistant Manager, and Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers regularly and fully to ensure the business runs smoothly and that everyone is up-to-date on all information.

–      Manages our key organizing system to be certain we know where all keys are at all times

On a weekly basis, the Administrative Assistant:

–      Creates, sends, and uploads invoices for all daily dog walk clients whose dogs will be seen in the coming week

–      Sends Chase QuickPay requests to those regular clients who routinely pay online

The Administrative Assistant also works on projects as assigned.  Some of which include:

–      Doing research on pet products and marketing opportunities

–      Assisting the Assistant Manager with creative projects like our newsletter, social media sites, marketing materials, etc.

–      Developing trainings, business materials, and communications with clients alongside the Owner/Director and Assistant Manager

–      Looking for ways to nurture Sarah the Pet Sitter’s dedication to being a green and socially responsible business.

–      Brainstorming and transitioning to more efficient tracking systems


We are looking for nothing short of fabulous workers to add to our team.  Qualities/Qualifications include:

–      Timely

–      Detail-oriented

–      Excellent Memory

–      Dedication to as perfect record-keeping as possible

–      Not afraid to make, admit to, and learn from mistakes

–      Warm Demeanor/Puts people at ease/Makes great first impressions

–      Excellent Multi-tasker

–      Able to adjust priorities at a moment’s notice

–      Sense of Humor

–      Extraordinary Communicator

–      Humble

–      Professional

–      Fast and Enthusiastic Learner

–      Creative Problem Solver

–      Capable of keeping information in confidence

–      Works well under pressure and in a fast-paced, high urgency environment

–      Takes feedback well and incorporates it into work

–      Self starter

–      Team player

–      Interest in and developed analysis of social justice/feminism, environmentalism, and activism through small, personal choices

–      Can walk the line between professional and personal relationships both with other team members and with clients

–      Owns or is willing to purchase smart phone (preferably iPhone) to use for work purposes

–      Owns a computer (preferably a Mac laptop)

–      Reliable access to internet

–      Experience in environments that offer excellent customer service

–      Experience working with Excel

–      3-5 Years Experience as an Administrative Assistant

Preference will be given to candidates who have experience working with file sharing, databases, and QuickBooks.

Hiring Process:

To apply to be the Administrative Assistant with Sarah the Pet Sitter, please send your resume, a cover letter expressing your interest in and qualification for the position, and three references to [email protected] with Administrative Assistant Application in the subject line no later than Wednesday, September 19th.  Candidates selected from among the pool of written applications will then begin our interview process.  We hope to bring on our hire for training by October 1st.