•   I used Sarah's pet service over the past several years and always had a great experience. Sarah and her other pet sitters were always very thorough and took the time to give my two cats some social interaction. We got cute photos along with daily updates. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Jennifer C.

      I've had some heroic pet sitters over the years, but Sarah's service was uniquely awesome. Both Sarah and our sitter, Lacie, came for an initial visit, during which they took the time to really understand and bond with my three cats.

    The promise to send photos and a note each day is absolutely brilliant! At first the idea just seemed like a cute gimmick to me, and I didn't give it much thought until Lacie's updates started coming through. It was obvious from the photos and messages that my three girls had taken to her. Any decent cat owner will worry how their animals will do when left in an apartment for over a week, and it was clear that they were happy and well cared for. With the help of the cat toys, Lacie coaxed my Maine Coon out of her shyness to bring out her playfulness and affection. My other two cats couldn't get enough of her.

    These folks understand that pet sitting requires more than just dropping food in the bowl and changing the litter. If you want your animals not only fed but cared for while you're away, hire SPCR.

    I've never written a Yelp review before, but Lacie and Sarah really earned my admiration.

    thumb Julien G.

      Sarah is great. I've never felt so comfortable leaving our dogs. I knew they were in good hands and the photos Sarah sent me showed how well they did while we were away. I would recommend Sarah to any of my pet loving friends and family.

    thumb Kelly W.
  •   I've been using Sarah for several years and have always had great experiences with her and her sitters. My current buddy for my cat is John, and he is so fantastic. At the risk of sounding like a weird cat lady (which I am, so oh well), I can tell that she's less stressed around him than other sitters I've had. When I get home from trips, kitty is decidedly less neurotic after John has been chilling with her. All the sitters post thorough updates and are very available via the Time to Pet portal and phone. In a completely unrelated non-pet emergency, Sarah even helped me get back into my house after I'd locked myself out! Definitely recommend Sarah and in particular John and Heather for their love and professionalism.

    thumb Jem M.

      I can't believe I haven't posted about Sarah's Pet Care Revolution sooner!
    For over a year, I was traveling a lot for work a lot and our senior cat, Rufus, had lots of special needs including daily doses of sub-cutaneous fluids. He hated being boarded, so I didn't want to bring him to the vet all the time. I was stumped about where to turn until I found SPCR. Knowing he was being taken care of so well by Keyonte and the rest of the team at Sarah's Pet Care Revolution puts me at ease. And the daily pics and updates let me know everything is running smoothly, so I never have to worry.
    I should mention, Rufus was utterly impatient with his daily treatments, sometimes making them hard to complete. They were both compassionate and patient with him.
    It was such a huge relief. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.

    thumb Heather M.

      Sadly one of Sarah's pet sitters left us devastated when he did not lock my door upon leaving my home. Cat was outside for 5 hours. My home was wide open. Sarah was previously an awesome professional to work with and it hurts me to write this.
    I knew something was off when I met the gentlemen assigned to watch my cats. But I trusted Sarah's opinion and used her company anyway. So partially I didn't trust my intuition. So maybe that is the bigger lesson here. If something feels off about someone assigned to care for your loved ones, don't do it. I hope Sarah screens her sitters more throughly in the future. We were heartbroken.

    thumb Brit E.
  •   Sarah and her helpers were the best petsitting service I've ever used. During my last 2 years in New Orleans I was traveling a lot, and they visited regularly to tend to all my kitties. I was grateful for being able to set up appointments via email and I really appreciated the picture messages and updates about how my girls were doing in my absence. Keep up the great work!

    thumb K T.

      I have used Sarah's Pet Care Revolution for years. They take great care of my dogs and cats. I always have piece of mind knowing they are in charge.

    thumb Cynthia S.

      As a previous reviewer wrote, this is seriously overdue for me.

    Have been a client of Sarah's for eight years now, and its inconceivable now that I ever travelled without having her company look after my monsters.

    It's a great leap of faith to give someone your house keys to take care of your family, but I have no worries with them. Sarah, for all of her laid-back, hip vibe, is at heart a Marine drill sergeant, and I know she very carefully screens new employees.

    They email me pictures right after every visit, and it's always reassuring to get these "proof of happy cat life" photos. (No, they don't pose them in front of the day's newspaper.)

    I should say that their job is pretty darn easy, given that I have the two sweetest cats EVER, but I won't hold that against Sarah and her team.

    thumb Larry B.
  •   We had a wonderful pet sitter when we lived in New Jersey and we were worried that we could not find someone as efficient, professional, and loving when we moved to New Orleans nearly three years ago. Our fears were groundless, as we found an even greater pet sitting service in Sarah's Pet Care Revolution. We could not be more pleased!!! We highly recommend them!!!

    thumb Chris M.

      We found Sarah thru our dog trainer who specializes in behavioral issues with dogs. While our Doberman is a true sweetie pie, she can be quite the handful around other dogs. She was a stray and has some fear issues.
    Sarah is amazing with our dog. She finds her shenanigans funny! She's a high energy dog and I'm sure keeps Sarah on her toes but judging from the pictures and videos she sends us when we are away, our pup has a blast with her. She gives her just the right amount of play and snuggles. The pictures and updates at each visit make me feel very comfortable so I can relax while we are away.
    I can't begin to express how much I trust Sarah and her judgement. When we started using her services she didn't have a pet sitter assigned to our area and was taking applications. She obviously is taking her time to find the right person and because she is still looking for a good fit for her company to cover our area. In the meantime, she has been amazing in taking care of our needs herself. I know however that the person she finds will have been put through a thorough interview process by Sarah and the rest of her staff. A previous reviewer mentioned an unfortunate event with a sitter she didn't feel good about. I was so sorry to hear about that (and glad her cat was fine) but I do believe that Sarah will be super vigilant after that episode because that is the type of person she is. She takes her business and its reputation very seriously and she is a major animal lover who only wants the best for her clients. I can't say enough good things about her and her services.

    thumb Laura E.

      I can't say enough good things about Sarah's pet care! Heather walked my two very silly and energetic dogs and she was awesome with them- so patient and calm and my dogs loved her. I also really liked that both Sarah and Heather came to the initial meet and greet- so I was able to meet them both. They really took their time getting to know me and my dogs. Heather was so responsive and available by text or email- she sent me really cute pictures of my dogs and was always aware of their quirks and behavior- and with the regular walks they weren't completely crazy when I came home after a long day. I loved the updates and pictures! It really eased my mind on the long days that I work, and helped to keep my dogs on a schedule. My only complaint is that they don't come to Algiers Point, because I have recently moved and now have to find a new dog walking service! Definitely two thumbs up!

    thumb M R.

    positive review  Sarah is wonderful! She is super knowledgable about animal behavior, and also compassionate with her human clients. I knew the minute we met, her company was the right choice for my dogs, Benny and Emma, and me. Hannah & Leslie are Benny & Emma’s primary pet experts, and they are terrific!! They provide timely updates and pictures (the cutest) about their visits that help calm my nerves and make me laugh. Sarah, Hannah, and Leslie understand my dogs’ needs without judgment and treat them as if they were their own fur babies. I trust them completely and recommend them highly to anyone looking for a pet sitter!

    Jan Bertman Avatar Jan Bertman
    September 19, 2019

    positive review  I've used Sarah's PCR for 5 years now and they're always great! Such good communication from Sarah and all her employees. Love them!

    Michelle Swafford Avatar Michelle Swafford
    August 31, 2019

    Amazing service!!! Sarah & Stephanie didn't blink an eye at the extra work it took caring for my problematic dog.

    Alison Pitre Avatar Alison Pitre
    August 20, 2015