Tell Me About It

Ellie is a very attentive listener. SPS team members know that often, talking to pets can be a soothing sound and we’re happy to chat it up with all of our clients.  

LA-SPCA Mega Match-a-Thon!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the LA-ASPCA is trying to find homes for 200 pets! They will have lowered adoption rates and extended adoption hours, but the same Standard adoption procedures apply. Be sure to bring any kids or dogs that live in your home and proof...

Best Pet Practices: Pets In The Bed

This week’s Best Pet Practice deals with sharing your bed with your pets. Cuddling up with your furry best friend can be cozy and comforting for everyone. However, it can also accidentally foster some bad habits. Read this post from new SPS team member Jonathan...

Think Pink!

If Remy learned anything from the movie “Funny Face,” it’s that sometimes a lady needs to think pink.

The Eyes Have It

Don’t those eyes just scream “Can we go for another walk, please?” Duke is a sweetheart of a client who LOVES taking his SPS sitter for a walk.