Your pet is an amazing and wonderful part of your family.
If only (s)he could show that to everyone all the time!

Are you ready to be free of:

  • The fear that your dog’s problem behaviors will escalate?
  • The embarrassment you experience when your pet does something you don’t know how to fix (NO MORE face-in-palm moments!)?
  • The negative emotions you experience toward your dog (anger, frustration, sadness, powerlessness) when (s)he misbehaves?

If you know what a good dog your baby could be, the Redirect to Relax one-on-one training program from Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution is for you.

  • Identifying problem behaviors you need addressed and goals you have for your pet’s transformation
  • Developing a program tailored specifically for your pet and your family
  • Providing one-on-one expert attention for your pet in your own home
  • Coaching both your dog AND you so that the behavior changes we draw out will last
  • Assessing the program continually and course-correcting for a successful outcome
  • Using a variety of different techniques and methods based on different learning styles
  • Documenting sessions done with your dog alone so that you know how (s)he is progressing in your absence and your family sessions so that you recall what was covered
  • Giving you clear instructions, guidelines, and actions to take to ensure you achieve significant results

If you are ready to give your dog a chance to be the cute, sweet, loving, caring, calm, playful, happy dog you know (s)he can be, CONTACT US today!

This 4-week program includes:

  • 1 Behavior Assessment Session (approximately 2 hours long)
  • 4 Direct Training Sessions (trainer and dog, approximately 1 hour each)
  • 4 Family Training Sessions (trainer, dog, you, and all other people who engage in caring for your pet)
  • On-Call Trainer Assistance (between sessions as needed)
  • Homework Assignments to complete between sessions
  • Written Documentation of your pet’s progress

The Special Pet’s Sitter


Good for the Earth


NOLA Kitten Sittin’




“What a difference in my life Angie’s training has made! Roux even seems happier and looks for direction now. My and my pups’ quality of life is actually better because I can now take them places and have guests over. Who knew how drastic a change a few hours a week could make?” – Jessica Perkins

We have designed an intensive program that we know works! As long as you are truly willing to put in the time to meet with our trainer and do the homework assigned, you will see significant improvements. We take this commitment very seriously and want to talk with interested dog parents.


Meet the Trainer

Angie Nguyen received a degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University. She gained experience at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, the Charles Paddock Zoo, San Luis Obispo Animal Services, the Audubon Zoo, and Central Bark Doggy Day Care. She joined Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution in February 2014 as the Pet Sitter for the Midcity/Lakeview area, worked with Sarah to initiate and develop the company’s PreK-9 Socialization Sessions and Redirect to Relax individual training program.  Her ability to key in on strategies for each individual animal and her talent in creating structures for families that work make her the ideal trainer for SPCR’s clients.