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Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution supports loving pet owners who want their pets to be happy, safe, and well-behaved on a daily basis.

We are a team of caring and expert specialists taking pet care to the next level by creating customized and flexible care plans that set pets and their parents up to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to provide thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet.

Tape Worms — It Could Happen to You

Greetings, and welcome again to Amelia’s guide to unpleasant pet pests of New Orleans. You may have read my previous post detailing how to rid yourself of a flea infestation. Fleas are prevalent in New Orleans given our warm, damp climate, and unfortunately...

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Can You Teach an Old Cat New Tricks?

Great article: Senior cats, senior citizens: Matchmaking by SpayMart Thank you, SpayMart Sanctuary for all you do. If you need help finding the perfectly matched pet for you and your family, friend of SPS May Wen from Homeward Bound Services specializes in that...

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What's Good for the Dog is Good for the Dog Walker!

Dogs get so much out of regular walks: potty breaks, exercise, stress relief, socialization, a chance to explore, and strong learning opportunities. Did you know humans get just as much out of walking? The benefits, according to this article, are innumerable. Thank...

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Thanksgiving Photos and Video

Hop on over to our new Facebook album to see pics of new clients from Thanksgiving 2013. And check out this video of Pineapple playing with her new favorite cat sitter. If you turn up the volume loud enough, you can hear her purr the entire time. Now that’s a...

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Top 10 Things SPS Team Members Have to Be Grateful for

10. The warmth and comfort of a cat purring in your lap 9. The amazing people you meet who just happen to be pet parents 8. Getting to spend most of your day walking and biking in the sunshine 7. Playing with a puppy (or an older dog for that matter) 6. Playing with...

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Go Green Or Go Home

Sarah The Pet Sitter takes pride in our commitment to being a green business. That’s why we encourage our pet sitters to bike to their visits as often as possible. Biking is a great way to not only help the planet, by reducing the consumption of non-renewable...

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Don’t Forget

Remember that tomorrow is the last day to book visits during Thanksgiving without paying a holiday late booking fee. So get a move...

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Me and My Shadow

Most cats will swat you if you try to rub their bellies.  Shadow’s cat sitter is grateful this pretty gray guy feels comfortable enough to break that...

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Holiday Policies

Our Holiday Policies are up on our site! Please review and then call or email us to book your holiday sitting.

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Solar Power

SPS is a green business with some pretty eco-conscious clients. Leo, for instance, is a solar powered cat who loves soaking up the...

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