RELAX. WE’VE GOT You Covered.

Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution supports loving pet owners who want their pets to be happy, safe, and well-behaved on a daily basis.

We are a team of caring and expert specialists taking pet care to the next level by creating customized and flexible care plans that set pets and their parents up to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to provide thoughtful pet care and owner support that intentionally respects the pet, the family, the community, and the planet.

A Mew Friend: Does Your Cat Need A Slumber Party?

Bonny and I have known each other for years, but it wasn’t until last week that it finally happened. That’s right: Pirate Annabel Bonny (her full given name) decided I was worthy. As the owner of Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution, I’ve seen my share of skittish cats but...

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New World, New Rules: Training Through Canine Eyes

“Sometimes it seems like all they know how to say is ‘no.’ You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard it, and I’ve only been in this new place for a few hours, most of which was spent taking a slumber on the cool marble floor. It sounds very simple, and yet it’s...

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Set Up For Success

In my years of working with animals, one statement has always puzzled me: “It’s too early to start training my dog. (S)he’s too young.” In all honestly, I’ve never been sure what pet parents mean by this statement. When asked the best time to start training, my answer...

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Are You Boring Your Cat To Death?

A few months ago we noticed one of our cats was losing an alarming amount of fur. It was clear to us by the pattern of the hair loss that she was grooming excessively in some areas – literally licking the hair off of some parts of her body, entirely. She’s such a...

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A Tale of Two Kitties

My family’s usual pattern of cat acquisition goes something like this: surprise!, here’s a helpless kitten in need of a home, and you look like just the suckers to provide it. The only variation on the pattern this past summer was the number: kittens, plural rather...

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Holiday Fees 2014-2015

Greetings Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution Family and Friends, The winter holidays are fast approaching! We’d like to encourage everyone to start thinking about their plans and what pet care we can help with. The sooner the better! In order to avoid late fees and such,...

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Now Hiring – Pet Sitter

Sarah the Pet Sitter LLC, an insured and bonded in-home eco-friendly professional pet sitting and dog walking service is hiring a part-time, shift-based Pet Sitter. Qualifications include: Responsible and timely, strong communication and problem solving skills,...

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What’s with the New Faces?

In over three years owning and operating Sarah the Pet Sitter, there have been mostly ups: so much fun playing at dog parks, meeting extremely cool pet parents who come from all different walks of life, and growing the social responsibility of our business- to name...

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Making Delicious Connections

On Tuesday (May 6th), the Sarah the Pet Sitter community will join together in … DINING WITH A PURPOSE This event marks an exciting collaboration for us.  Amelia Manning, SPS Pet Sitter/Manager of Sustainability Initiatives, has worked at the Louisiana Pizza...

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